Zillow Gone Wild’ Does Dallas — Inside a Futuristic Estate by Love Field Airport

From a cursed castle in Cleveland to a mid-century marvel in Michigan, no home is too extravagant, too inimitable, or too weird for the eye-catching real estate curators behind the popular Instagram account Zillow Gone Wild. And though their hunt for must-see houses spans nationwide, we’re never too surprised when a Dallas listing makes its way onto the grid. After all, North Texas has its own share of the bold and the bizarre when it comes to architecture and design. That being said, I’ve never seen anything quite like Zillow Gone Wild’s latest local spotlight: 5025 Wateka Road, a towering, sci-fi-inspired structure near Love Field Airport that looks as though it’s been airlifted straight from Miami.

Where to begin? The towering great room filled with Italian porcelain tile and a Ferrari on full display? How about the kitchen, which, according to Candy’s Dirt, was inspired by a hovering vehicle in the 2010 film Tron: Legacy? And speaking of things that remind us of the ’80s, there’s a media room decked out in custom pinball machines, a zebra-print rug, and tufted blue velvet walls. But the biggest gasp-when-you-see-it moment belongs to the master suite, which takes its opulent aesthetic cues from the Versace Mansion and features a button that renders the glass surrounding the toilet completely opaque.

Inspirations abound, but the home itself is one-of-a-kind — as is nearly....

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