This couple house-sits full time, saving $1,500 a month on rent and living in mansions for free — here's how

When newlyweds Hannah, 24, and Joseph Ryan, 26, were first planning their tour of the National Parks, they didn't know they would be staying in luxury homes for free across the US. But as Hannah started researching budget-friendly ways to travel, she told Insider, she stumbled on a couple of blogs about house-sitting, where you can live in people's homes for free in return for looking after their houses or pets when the owner is traveling.  

The couple loved the idea of pet-sitting in beautiful homes and decided to give up their apartments and take the plunge. Since their wedding in February 2022, they've stayed in a mansion with an infinity pool overlooking Los Angeles; an estate in San Diego with its own pool house; and an orchard and a lake house in Las Vegas with its own boat. 

They planned to travel for at least a year while working remotely and knew they needed a base

While they wouldn't be paid to house-sit, they could save on rent. 

"Van life wasn't an option for us," Hannah said. "We needed a place where ....

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