Someone Is Documenting Ugly Houses They See Around Adelaide, And These 35 Do Not Disappoint

First, we had 'Ugly Belgian Houses.' Then there was 'Ugly Irish Houses.' Shortly after, 'Ugly Dutch Houses' popped up. But the latest Instagram account mocking local architectural decisions comes from the Land Down Under.

With a name similar to those of its distant cousins, 'Ugly Adelaide Houses' is also on a mission to show just how subjective human taste really is, and it's doing just as good of a job.

At the moment, the account can't brag about having too many followers — there are 3,355 of them — but this number isn't the only factor that determines how good someone's content is. Plus, everyone has to start from zero.

So continue scrolling to check out what 'Ugly Adelaide Houses' has been posting!

See pics here: