Number of active real estate agents in Dallas, Austin and Houston plunges

The number of real estate agents who sold one or more homes last month dropped sharply in Dallas — and even more in Austin — in another sign of the rapidly cooling housing market in Texas.

The number of active agents in Dallas fell to 756 in September from 947 in August, according to AgentStory, a tech company that publishes housing sales profiles for real estate agents. The active agent count in Austin dropped to 389 in September from 810 in August. Both markets had well over 1,000 active agents in March, April and May, before the number started to slide.

Active agents are defined as those who sell at least one house in a calendar month.

At the request of the Business Journal, AgentStory pulled aggregate trend data on real estate agents in Texas’ busiest housing markets. The company typically publishes data on individual agent performance to aid consumers, but the data shared with the Business Journal is an aggregate view.

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