Leveraging Dallas's Real Estate Market Boom with $250: How, Why And Why Now?

An entirely different type of real estate investor will be popping champagne after the latest report on residential real estate price hikes in Dallas.

As of October, Redfin Corp. found that the median real estate price rose by 14.4% year-over-year. That’s more than double the national median price increase of 6.6%. The median price tag for the sold units stood at $429,000 — a sum already unfeasible for many who’d be thrilled to add Dallas real estate to their portfolios. The good news is that they won’t need to go empty-handed because of one crucial market development.

The founders of Nada, a startup behind the disruption in question, wanted to allow anyone to profit off the historically most reliable asset class by lowering the barrier to entry. Through the innovation introduced by its latest product called Cityfunds, investors can own a piece of the entire city’s real estate market for as little as $250. The mechanism at play is a modernized version of a real estate acquisition tactic that has brought billions to America’s wealthiest in the last 60 years. But for the first time, you can buy stock in the entire city’s residential real estate market.

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