How Can I Sell My House Fast in Texas?

If you are ready to sell your house in Texas quickly and easily, we can help! We purchase houses in Texas from people just like you, whether hurricane season left your roof past repair, you have a damaged foundation, or facade damage from flooding.

You can sell your Texas house in a matter of days with cash offers and move on, free and clear. We buy houses from Dallas, TX to San Antonio, TX to Houston, TX to El Paso, Texas! We cover the entire state!

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No need to look up "How to sell my house fast" because, with our cash offers, you will be glad to sell your house to our business bureau. We buy houses (Texas), so we'll provide you with everything you need to get started!

We Buy a Texas House Fast for Cash

We understand that you might be in a situation where you need money right away, and we are grateful for the chance to help. When we buy houses (Texas), our task is straightforward; we are home purchasers with fast closing without any repairing requirements. You can choose the closing date for our flexible cash offers.

If you need to sell your house in Texas due to any of the following circumstances: repairs or renovations, bought an unsuitable home, moving, eviction, unpaid taxes, foreclosure, house requires repairs, or you just want to sell for cash right away, we are here for you.

When you need someone to sell your house in Texas, let us step in; regardless of the repair value, we will make a reasonable cash offer.

Why Should You Sell Your House to Us?

Perhaps using an agent and paying the extra closing costs is not the best option. However, it might be the appropriate decision for some people.

On the first call, we would happy to let you know if we believe listing with an agent would be a better choice for you.

However, the question is, why not sell your property and save all the extra closing costs since we buy houses for cash? We are one of the few cash home-buying firms in Texas with the best cash offer.

Your Costs If You Sell Through an Agent:

  • You pay a commission of 6–7%.
  • The closing expenses you bear will be around 2% to 3%.
  • Await buyers for six to twelve months.
  • Closing takes 60 to 90 days after making a deal.
  • You're asked to make the repairs before you sell your house.
  • Buyers skip on bank loans.

Benefits of Selling Your House to Us:

  • No commission or closing costs.
  • Guaranteed offer without waiting for months.
  • Close in 3-30 days as per your schedule.
  • Open houses, no showings, and never-ending walkthroughs.
  • Sell your house fast without doing any repairs.
  • No appraisal or financing conditions.
  • Instant cash offer.

Can I Sell My House Fast in Bexar County, San Antonio?

Yes. Anyone who is looking to sell their house fast in Texas can get an instant cash offer, irrespective of the location and condition of the house.

Our services are available throughout Texas, whether you need them at Dallas, TX or Houston, TX

Can I Sell My House Without the Entire Listing Process?

It's not always a good idea to list with an agent if you need to sell quickly. We skip the entire listing process and go right along to the closing date you specify.

What Information Is Needed If I Want to Sell My House Fast in Texas?

If you choose to sell your Texas house to us, you can call us, and our house team member will be right with you. They will ask you for some basic information about your property, respond to your needs, address any questions you may have, and offer directions and recommendations to help you.

Will I Get a Cash Offer on the Phone?

After evaluating your property conditions on the phone, we will give you an estimated cash offer. However, the cash offer will depend on seeing the house conditions and assessing the after-repair value.

How Can I Be Sure That Your Offer Won't Be Too Low?

It is in our best interests to offer a good deal to our customers because that is how we stay in business. There is no sense for us to offer you a real lowball deal because no sane person would accept one!

Our job is to buy houses in Texas, so if our offers aren't accepted, we won't be able to purchase any homes. When we buy houses in Texas, we make sure that our customers don't feel lowballed with our offers.

You should be aware that we have various possibilities for the kind of offer we can give you. If you decide to accept our fast cash offer for your house, it will be reasonable but not "full market value." Still, we've optimized our operations to make better cash offers than other cash buyers.

However, these offers won't be of the "sell my house fast for cash" type. Some of our other alternatives do allow us to provide you with even more than the total market value. Get in touch with our team to get a quote on your house fast.

Can I Sell My House for Other Cash Alternatives?

We just used to make cash offers for homes that we planned to renovate and resell in the beginning. However, our team and capabilities have grown, enabling us to assist more homeowners in various situations.

Overall, we can now assist you even if you're not in haste to sell and would rather receive a higher price for your house than a reduced cash offer.

How Do You Calculate the Cash Offer on My House?

Before we buy houses in Texas, we take four things into consideration:

The After Repair Value (ARV)

After we're done restoring it, the house will be worth this value known as the ARV on the open market. We take this value and subtract the expenses listed below to get the cash offer.

Cost of Renovation (COR)

Our team needs to renovate the house and make it appear brand new in order to increase its worth on the open market.

Selling Costs

When we buy houses from you, the price to resale it would be this factor. While purchasing the Texas house from you, you won't be charged any realtor commissions or closing charges.

However, when we sell the property, we will be required to cover those selling expenses. Additionally, we must pay holding expenses like taxes, insurance, HOA fees, and more. Our selling expenses typically amount to 10% of the ARV.

Our Minimum Profit

Yes, we know that having to turn a profit stinks, but we have to do it. If we didn't make money when we sold them, we wouldn't be able to buy houses in Texas.

To be able to pay you more for your home and have more of our offers approved, we keep our profits to a minimum.

How Long Does the Closing Take After I Accept the Fair Cash Offer?

According to the urgency, our closing procedure typically takes between two-four weeks, just like all "Cash For Houses" companies in Texas. We can work with you if you require a shorter or longer closing window.

A brief yet thorough description of the closing procedure is provided below:

Step 1: Ordering Inspections and Opening Escrow

Our buying coordinator will get in touch with you once you decide to sign the purchase and sell agreement. In order for the title business to order title and lien checks, he will also email the contract to them.

Then, he will arrange for a property visit with you so that we can confirm our repair estimates.

Timeline = Usually 24-48 hours during business hours.

Step 2: Performing Inspections and Examining Title/Lien Searches

Here, we conduct the home inspection, examine the inspection report, and look through the city's and title company's provided title and lien searches.

The coordinator will contact you to discuss the next steps if any information that has to be handled arises during those searches. Sellers praise us for being incredibly inventive and capable of solving practically any title or lien issue!

Timeline = Typically one-two weeks.

Step 3: Organizing the Closing and Getting You Paid!

We're prepared to close the deal and pay you. The coordinator will contact you to find out the best day and time for you to close. We can arrange for you to visit the title business or provide a mobile notary for you.

The money is either transferred to your bank account after you sign the closing documents, or the title firm gives you a certified cashier's check.

Although the money usually comes through on the same day, this can occasionally delay until the next business day.

Timeline = Typically one-seven days.

How Do I Know if Closing With You Is Not a Scam?

We are not surprised you asked this, considering the number of new investors and con artists out there. In most cases, getting the best offer for your house is not as important as thoroughly screening the buyer to ensure that they will actually close.

Many sellers call us after their first or second prospective purchasers back out and cancel the deal on them. They are naturally frustrated and dubious of investors.

With the goal of closing them, we present genuine and transparent offers. That is why we receive so many favorable ratings and recommendations.

How Can You Prevent Falling Into the Trap Set by Con Artists?

There are quite some ways to protect yourself from falling for the scam tactics of con artists:

  • Request proof of funds to ensure that the "Cash" buyer actually has the money to purchase your home.
  • Don't be fooled by a small deposit or absurdly long inspection times (7–10 days are standard, but some purchasers demand 30 days or longer!)
  • Check the "added terms" of the contract for any potential back-out clauses that would let the buyer cancel the agreement for basically any excuse they choose.
  • How many years has the buyer been in operation? You should search for someone who has been in the business for at least four-five years and is familiar with all aspects of the intricate real estate market.
  • Can you confirm that the buyer does, in fact, purchase and sell real estate? A quick method is to search for the firm name in public records to discover whether any transactions have been recorded in their name.
  • Lastly, does the buyer have any verified online reviews or testimonials?

We are verified and high-rated cash-for-home buyers.

Where Do You Buy Houses in Texas?

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Why Choose Us to Sell Your House in Texas?

You don't need to worry about things like agent commissions, inspection fees, closing expenses, marketing expenses, open houses, and repair costs.

It doesn't matter if your house is vacant or occupied, even if it doesn't appear to be livable. We are not concerned if you are sick of being a landlord or in the middle of a foreclosure. No matter what, we can buy houses in Texas.

Selling a home is a complicated process that carries a lot of baggage. In addition to the entire advertising, negotiating with estate agents, walkthroughs, paying for inspectors, repairs, and other uncertainties, the related legalities further complicate an already challenging process. You won't need to be concerned about any of these things if you sell your Texas property to us. Everything is being taken care of by us.

We know that there are those that attempt to provide the lowest of the low offers. They lowball you to gain more profits. That is entirely illogical to us! We think you need to accept our offer for us to buy your house. Hence, we strive to make offers that you cannot reject!