Google searches for ‘sell my house’ hit highest point in history of U.S. internet

A Google search data analysis revealed that the search for ‘sell my house’ reached the highest level in internet history for the nation. 

Americans are trying to sell their homes more than ever, according to Google search results recently released by the company. 

Google revealed that searches for “sell my house” have increased by 147 percent.

In August 2022, CashOffer™, a real estate company with offices in Texas and Arizona, found that searches for “sell my house for cash” have also exploded. 

The top ten states with internet users searching to sell their homes are Mississippi, Connecticut, Virginia, Wyoming, Florida, Iowa, New Mexico, North Carolina, New York and Kentucky. 

A spokesperson from CashOffer™ commented on the findings:

“With the rate of inflation skyrocketing in recent years, the value of a house has increased massively, meaning homeowners and sellers are in a prime position to reap the benefits, especially with any money left over from selling a property being able to help towards the growing costs of everyday items.

With Zillow’s report that the average house price in America has risen 20.7 percent from last year, it is clear to see why Americans are tempted to sell at this time. However, with affordable housing becoming increasingly challenging to come across throughout America, it will be interesting to see if these figures translate into actual sales and what this may mean for the housing market.” 
The U.S. housing market has seen an increase from last year’s 2.8 percent to 5.5 percent of mortgage rates. According to Zillow, the average price of homes in the United States rose to 20.7 percent to $350,000 compared to the average price of $211,508 in December 2020.

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