Discover Pearl — San Antonio's historic gem full of modern flair

Pearl isn't just the name of an iconic Texas beer; it also neatly defines the polished gem that San Antonio's Pearl District has become for people of all ages.

Day and night year-round, an unabashedly joyful vibe inspirits the historic Pearl’s green spaces, shops, restaurants and bars and Hotel Emma, just steps from the iconic River Walk. Even an unseasonably chilly Sunday night looks like a Friday night, and weekdays often feel like a holiday.

Pearl is one of the nation’s most successful transformations of a former industrial site, where breweries by different names have been operating since 1883. The handsome factory and office buildings, constructed in the late-1880s along the River Walk at the northern edge of downtown, were used by the San Antonio Brewing Association to produce Pearl beer from 1886 until 2001 (the business’s name was changed to Pearl Brewery in 1952).

San Antonian Kit Goldsbury invested profits from selling Pace Picante sauce to turn the dilapidated grounds into a culinary community of independent, locally run restaurants to serve neighbors and visitors. Goldsbury’s first major move was to persuade the Culinary Institute of America to create a third campus at Pearl in 2008. 

Given Pearl’s success, it's no wonder new restaurants and shops vie to call it home, and the community’s luxury apartment buildings have wait-lists. 

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