Dallas’ landmark Mockingbird Station development is for sale

If you’re thinking of selling your house in Dallas, you’re sitting on a valuable asset. Some neighborhoods in the Dallas–Fort Worth metro area have seen home values increase by 270 percent over the past decade as more people look to plant permanent roots in North Texas. The past two years of pandemic-fueled buying have accelerated home prices in Dallas, but selling now, or anytime in 2023, might not be quite the Mavericks-style slam dunk you might expect. Rising mortgage rates are creating headwinds for the housing market, and Redfin data shows that median home prices have fallen by more than $90,000 since their peak in May.

With the economy looking uncertain, you might be wondering whether you should sell your house now or wait. You can still pave a pathway toward a deal, but you’ll need to understand the shifts in the market before you list your home. Read on for everything you need to know about how to sell a house in Dallas.

Things to consider when selling your house in Dallas

Before you list your home, be sure to think about your needs and expectations from the sale. Here are a few key questions to consider:

Find a trusted agent

What are you looking for in a real estate agent?

What kind of shape is your home in?

Many sellers are tempted to make big upgrades before listing, with the assumption that a new kitchen or a revamped home office will inspire a buyer to hand over a bigger check. That’s not usually the case. Most major remodeling projects fail to recoup their costs at resale, so you’re better off considering cheap and easy ways to boost your property value.

It’s also important to think about repairs. Not everything needs to be fixed. For example, buyers won’t want to inherit an air conditioner on its last legs before another hot Dallas summer. However, they might be OK with an older set of windows or a dishwasher that has seen better days.

In some cases, necessary repairs might add up to a huge financial burden. If your home falls into the fixer-upper category, you might want to think about an as-is listing. As-is serves as a disclaimer that all the problems are going to fall on the buyer’s shoulders.

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