Dallas business in 2023: Our look ahead at real estate, inflation, aviation, jobs and more

Dallas-Fort Worth’s economy was once heavily weighted by real estate and finance. Now we’re an eclectic assortment of traditional fare to oddball specialties. If one gets hit, it’s unlikely to create the kind of chaos we’ve experienced in past recessions.
Our veteran team of journalists was asked to look at a number of factors that contribute to the North Texas economic landscape and see what might be on the horizon.

Can Dallas-Fort Worth’s economy hold its own in an uncertain world?

We’re entering the New Year with a complex combination of emotions. We’re anxious about household inflation that’s doubled the price of eggs, a superheated housing market with a case of the chills, and a humanitarian crisis at our southern border. And we’re at diametric odds over so many important issues. Yet we have this typically Texas optimistic mindset that somehow we’ll be OK.

Will Dallas-Fort Worth’s resilient housing market crash in 2023?

While experts don’t believe the North Texas market is crashing, the story is different in other parts of the country.

Will inflation ease its painful grip on consumer prices in 2023?

Two CEOs who position their Walmart and Costco stores as low-cost retailers say some prices are heading down.

Is Texas immune if the rest of the nation goes into a recession in 2023?

Many economists project statewide growth will slow to about 2% next year and unemployment may rise.

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