Cost of living in Houston in 2022

It’s the biggest town in a big state, and nationwide it’s no piker either. Houston is the fourth largest city in the country — and also the biggest metropolitan area in the United States without a state income tax. Boasting a plentiful array of everything from restaurants to sports teams, it’s one of the best places to live in Texas (and, some would say, anywhere).

Houston does have a few drawbacks, namely a high hurricane risk and a significant lack of public transit options for a city its size. But If you’re willing to overlook those issues, you’ll benefit from mild winters and a cost of living that, for a cosmopolitan area, is low: 23.85 percent lower than in Chicago, the next largest city in the U.S. (by population), for example. Overall, the cost of living in Houston runs about six percent lower than the national average.

The cost of livin’ is easy throughout Texas, which has attracted plenty of transplants during the pandemic — from employees able to work remotely to early or new retirees. As a result, buying a house in Texas has become significantly more expensive in the last two years.

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