Affordability in Austin: How have previous housing bonds addressed the issue?

AUSTIN, Texas — Austin city leaders want voters to approve a $350 million affordable housing bond. That is nearly all the affordable housing money voters approved in 2006, 2013 and 2018 bonds combined.

 The KVUE Defenders looked into how that money has been utilized, how much debt Austin taxpayers carry, and if another round of taxpayer increases from the newly proposed bond would end Austin’s affordability problem.

In a place where affordability is rare, Regina Dright will now grow roots deep enough for her whole family.  

 “I look forward to her going to college and coming back home and going to her room,” Regina said as she showed us her daughter’s new room, in her new Austin home.

 It is a home the single parent of three worked for more than a decade to get. She overcame hearing challenges to get through school, built-up her credit, and saved for a down payment.

 Her home was built by Austin Habitat for Humanity, funded in part by Austin’s affordable housing bond dollars.

 “It’s wonderful,” she said.

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